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Visit to Principia College with Stephen Silha and Gordon Barnett, 220611

I've posted a lot of photos of the visit, to my Facebook album; you can use your FB account to view them


It was a day of serenity and peace; upon the hillside, hearing the soughing of the strong breeze in the leaves of the ancient, majestic trees, KM sat for a rare moment of calm and quiet:


I loved the idea of an architect (Bernard Maybeck) making a small house to practice his experiments and make his mistakes; indeed, this small building on the Principia campus is now called the

Mistake House

....that's something I wish every architect would do!


The Chapel is a beautiful building, on the hill, overlooking the (now swollen) Illinois River; and I loved the symbolism of two paths leading to the same chapel:


I do hope you have a Facebook account, and enjoy my account of the visit...must be wonderful to be educated in such a beautiful place!

Off to Florida in while, where there will be a huge family gathering (about 30 family members, apart from friends!) for our niece's arangEtram...I don't know how much internet access I will have, or how much time I will have for it, either!
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