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Out of the aircraft window.....

I always love having the window seat, but on the flight from St.Louis to Orlando, I got only an aisle one. Yet, as I saw the sun sinking in oranges and reds, I started aiming the camera....and the gentleman in the window seat (the middle one was vacant, luckily!), a paralegal from Orlando, asked me if I'd like the window. I accepted with alacrity!

st louis one 240611 air

As the plane gained height, I looked out to see the iconic Gateway Arch of St.Louis:

2 stl air 240611 arch

We left the mighty Mississipi behind...

3 stl air 240611 rvr

The aircraft wing was a steady feature as the dusk deepened:

5 stl air 240611 wing

The light on the wing was a comforting beacon that the flight was going well (there was a lot of turbulence):

4 stl ari 240611 dsk

Evening shaded into night, and the twinkling lights of many cities showed themselves below me, as we flew onwards:

6 stl air night lts 240611

The colours of a sunset or sunrise, from an aircraft, are (I feel) really incredible sometimes....

7 stl air clrs clds 240611
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