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Some other slips


Seeing an ad for a cooking oil called "Porna" brings some other slips to mind:

A friend, asking if I had gone back to see some abstract artwork: "So...did you go to see those painings again?"

Another friend, asking me to apply for a job: "We want an English lazy teacher.."

My daughter, writing about her school uniform at the age of 6 or so: "At school we wear skirts and shits."

Another friend, who is desparately looking for a good driver : "Can I pay you Rs 5000 and come and pinch your driver?"

Many people, when we moved into Bangalore:  "Oh! Convent Road! You live in the backside of Sacred Hearts Convent?"

Anyone who reads my LJ and knows me personally is also welcome to come home and see my collection of howlers collected from newspapers, magazines, etc, over the years. One of my latest additions is a Deccan Herald headline about the Chief Minister's signature "forgerer" being caught.
Tags: howlers, humour, slips, typos

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