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Two of my favourite pastimes


I love cryptic crosswords; I adore the Deccan Herald Saturday one, which is very witty; like the DH daily and the IE daily and the Eco Times daily ones; don't like the Hindu one but will do it if there is nothing else. I was told that the cryptic crossword is an essentially "British" it, I wonder?

I also love doing this daily (it is one of the few card games that one can play on one's own; I have made cards for dyslexic children as it is a simple game of pattern recognition:

I love lots of other "parlour" games like Cranium, Carcazone, Boggle, Dingbats, Dictionary, and so on, but most of these require others to play with...and I don't have company most of the time...
Tags: crosswords, parlour games, set, setgame

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