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Cannot post comments at all...

I've just caught up with everyone's posts from the past few days, but I am unable to post any comments, and it is SO frustrating for a loudmouth like me. I want to comment on Trish's lovely pics of chillies fried in olive oil, I want to tell Gilda how much I admire her paring down: I want to tell Arun that his poem about his daughter's cycling is wonderful...and so it goes...but I can't.

Anyone else having this problem?

Off to Sirsi/Banavasi...the land of the Kadambas...for the weekend. You lot will, I know, post 18,379 fantastically interesting post in the interim....but enjoy your weekend...and my fellow-Indians..and Pakistanis...happy Independence Day on Monday!
Tags: comments, difficulties, independence day, lj, posting

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