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deponti to the world

my 2 cents

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Four Blue Mormons....
In Gudavi,at Vinutha's home stay, we were thrilled to get this lovely sight of four Blue Mormons, fluttering together:

I wish I could have photographed all the butterflies we saw, but this was one of the best...and I'm glad I got a video!

I'll be posting photographs on my Facebook albums soon. LJ continues to be very capricious. I was able to comment on ONE LJ friend's post today before it siezed up again, and I started getting spam comments...

Rohit Girotra, this one's for you :)

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Flutterbies! I love the blue varieties.

I don't know why you can't post replies and still think you should contact LJ support about it. It's been pretty good and easy for me the whole past week. It seems to be very capricious for you indeed.

Yes, I have emailed them about it.

Flutterbies does seem to be a better name for them!


Wonderful!! Liked it Deepa.

Thanks Deepak...it just happened :)

Thanks for this lovely treat, D.

Oh, butterflies. I was wondering why you wanted to snap pictures/videos of sad Christian missionaries! :P

Not to mention their numerous wives....

I do wish you'd have the time for more regular chats...I looked out the last time you pinged and the moon was blue...

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