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Tapena wine, feta cheese, honey goat cheese, cilantro sour cream cheese, and indian cheese 280811

KM had brought back a selection of cheeses from the US, so when some friends suddenly decided to drop in, out they came, along with some Tapena wine....

Tapena wine, feta cheese, honey goat cheese, cilantro sour cream and indian cheese 280811 ca

Some of the cheeses were not very solid, and some rather crumbly, so we couldn't really set it out artistically.

cheese spread 280811 ca

It was also an experiment, photography-wise...I realize cheese is not greatly amenable to a flash!

flash cheese 280811

Here we are, helping ourselves:

cheese guests 280811

I wanted to focus on the wine first:


And then on the wine, woman (and cheese!)....

wine WOMAN 280811

I then realized that the best way to get the colour of the wine was to get it against the light.

wine agnst light 280811 ca
Tags: bangalore, casa ansal, drinking, food, friends, photography, weekend

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