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Birds....of a feather

Life has been hectic....and with a lot of power cuts, and an erratic internet connection, I've not been able to post at all. I sang on stage this evening, at our apartment Ganapathi Puja..and it felt deeply satisfying. I realize I've neglected my music...

Yesterday, a group of us also did a 140-km nature outing to three lakes/reservoirs in Bangalore....Mavathur, Maralavadi, and Harohalli. It was an extremely productive trip, yielding a tally of 77 species of birds! My photos and account are on my Facebook album,


But here are three birds that captured my fancy:

One, the


These birds are always swooping around in the air, so I was thrilled when one landed on the pier at Maralavadi Lake, and let me get this shot at full zoom on my MLC (SX30), on the point of taking off again:

dc martin maralavaid lake 310811

the next bird was a lifer for me. I've seen a


many times, but never seen a chick I loved it when I was able to click mother and chick at Harohalli Lake:

p mrhn chck 310811 harohalli

and the last bird is my favourite monsoon sighting, the


this bird is the one referred to in Indian literature as the "Chakor" or the "Papihara" that awaits the monsoon longingly. Here you can see the bird enjoying the monsoon breeze!

pd cko harohalli 310811

And instead of birds of a feather, Radha picked up a feather of a bird:

feather maralavaid lake 310811 ntp

We are trying to see which raptor has lost a feather...!

Oh, wow, 1.25 am, and I am going to Lalbagh for a nature ramble at
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