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All these Days...

I got a message on my mobile phone, showing some AWFUL stick figures, and saying, "Happy World Tribal Day".


I am sick and tired of all these uzliss and tokenist Days. And everything is now a World "X" Day, where "X" may be anything from Grandmothers Suffering From Jaundice to Persecuted Earthworms.

I can understand Days for things like battling disease, or fallen heroes...but it's been taken to a ridiculous extreme. I think it's getting to the point where there are not enough Days to go around,and we are going to have battles for each day, where, for example, the Save Old Barbie Dolls group clashes with the Plastic Bags Are Not All Bad faction, fighting for April 1 as their Day.....

Excuse me. Today is Rant Against Senseless Days Day. Tomorrow is Search For Another Topic Day....
Tags: celebrations, day, humour, thoughts, tokenism

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