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Bengali verse, with punctuation!

A brilliant piece of verse; Suhrita Majumdar Basak says it is a very old verse in Kolkata:

Priyotoma roma, comma,
Tumi amar hridoye diechcho dolon, semicolon;
Tokhon amar pocket-e chchilo na cash, dash-
Amar dirghoswash tomar opor korlo na work,exclamation mark!

Let me see if I can sort-of-write that in English:

Dearest Roma,comma,
It's love for you that lets me roll on, semicolon;
Alas, my pockets lack any cash,dash-
So my love remains in the dark, exclamation mark!

I enjoy clever stuff like this :)
Tags: bengali, english, enjoyment, humour, verse

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