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A friend

When I'm sinking into the slime of despondency...
Holding me from sinking deep.
When I'm wallowing in the mire of self-pity
Helping me out...but gently, so that I do not slip in further.
When my heart is weighed down with sorrow
Being near me, perhaps talking to me, perhaps not...
And knowing which to do, and when.
When I'm happy,
Sharing my joy
When I'm smiling,
Knowing why, without saying a word.
When I'm cranky and whiny...
Putting up with me, patiently
Then making me realize my lot is not half as bad as I think it is.
Being a rock of strength.
My do all these things for me.
I thank you.
I thank my fate, that I have so many dear friends.
Tags: friends, love, lucky, poetry, verse

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