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Boodi Ma on a boat, 170911

Those of you who are not interested in photos of GD...pass on please, this post is nothing but.

GD, who began her life as Eli (mouse), became Biddles, and Boodles and Beedool and then Boodi Ma (old woman, in Bengali!) went with her parents to visit her paternal grandparents at Portland, Maine.

"Is this post about me?" she seems to ask here.

boodi 170911 maine

DnA met itsalouwelylife in Boston and they all took the bus to Portland, and while there, went on a short cruise to Casco Bay.

Here's GD, picking herself up off the floor of the boat:


With Grampa:

boodi g'dad ptlnd 170911

With Nanna (don't they look alike?)


Nanna gets a kiss:


Finally...they call her "Hurricane Hair", but in this photograph, the whole family seems to have the same windblown hairstyle!

dnank ptlnd me 170911

I *do* wish they didn't live so faaaar away.....
Tags: daughter, families, grand, maine, parents, photography, st louis, weekend

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