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Videos from Bandipur, 011011

What a binary date the 1st of October is!!

We( Bhavita, Gopal, Poornima, Uma and I) went to Bandipur on Saturday and came back yesterday...and managed to pack the two days in with some great times. I got some (even for me!) great shots on the 30D, and was tremendously unhappy to find that KM had exchanged the CF card in the camera for one that...doesn't download on to my laptop!

However, the MLC (Canon SX30) worked fine, and here's are some videos.

The first one is the beautiful


that we had excellent sightings of:

This one, the


which we had a tremendous sighting of:

Another, of the endangered


(the only "rabbiit" we have in India)

scooting away in the car's headlights (you have to look carefully at the left-hand side)

And the last one, of a fat

SPIDER (I don't know the name!)

busily despatching its prey, right outside our home stay at Chik Yelchetti. (Switch off the volume, as there is a piercing noise from an electrical circuit nearby)

I'll be uploading pictures, and a narrative on to my Facebook page soon...
Tags: bandipur, forest, friends, jlr, mammals, nature, ntp, video, weekend, wildlife

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