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fanTAStic trip to Bandipur


Hah, but you will have to wait a little for it, as sainath who co-ordinated with me, taking amazing snaps, is in Mysore for a couple of days more, and I am waiting to get his photos before posting my account. The only thing I have to say is that there is NO "off-season" in Nature, though JLR has, thankfully, an "off-season" discount....!

I will just start by saying that Murphy was alive and well as we started; there was some sort of a strike at Mandya, midway on our route, so our bus started more than an hour late, took a bad-bad-road detour, and we have now set an all-time record for the Bangalore-Mysore stretch...6 hours; then another hour and a half fo Bandipur...after 7 and a half hours in that bus, I felt I was rooted to that seat!
Tags: bandipur, jlr, photography, sainath, wildlife

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