deponti (deponti) wrote,

Puttenahalli Lake Walk, 131111


Usha Rajagopalan

asked me to take several people around the 1km perimeter of Puttenahalli Lake, I was very happy indeed to conduct the nature trail.

We all assembled there at 6am:

L sign 131111 ptnhli lake

The sun also decided to come up and join us:

L 131111 ptnhli lake snrrse

There were about 50 people altogether, including old friends like Shashi and Shalini.

Obviously, I wasn't able to take too many photographs, but with Poornima and Srini along, we sighted quite a few interesting things, such as this


on top of a dead palm trunk:

L owlt 131111 ptnhli lake

and this


which seems to be a regular resident:

L prpl hrn 131111 ptnhli lake

It was enjoyable having children on the walk, asking lots of questions and ticking off what they saw on their checklists, or (as with the Spotted Owlet) adding to them:

rwti prnv 131111 ptnhli lake

At the end of the walk, a nice breakfast of IVC (Iddli, Vada, Coffee) was served to all the participants, and Usha talked to some of them:

L usha 131111 ptnhli lake

The children sat down to draw their impressions of the walk:

L art 131111 ptnhli lake

They produced some lovely artwork!

To see the rest of the photographs..including the food!...

click here

I am planning to take the children of Magic Puddles and Desire Society there this Saturday....
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