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Wish *I* could...


amoghavarsha and Sanath have swanned off again, this time to Nagarhole...they can drive off at 9 pm, stay in some half-baked tents or staff accomodation in the jungle, and come back with great sightings and snaps (Sanath has gone mainly to use his new Nikon D 70, woohoo)...and I can't really go off like that.... sad...I have to practice for my concert ( I missed the 2 days when I went to Bandipur), I have a brother-in-law coming in from Phoenix for 3 weeks, Mohan will return from Pune on Sunday....and so the household work goes!

Oh well, I had a great time at Bandipur even as a good little JLR guest, sainath, who took the pictures of whatever we sighted,  is back from his extended stay in Mysore, and soon I will post the account of my sightings and Baby Animal Shows at Bandipur, with some superb photos to go with it...

I think I am truly ready for "vanaprastham" (literally, "leaving for the forest", which householders are supposed to do after handing over worldly affairs to their children, to seek spiritual enlightenment and detachment from the material world.)  When yathin said this, I told him he shouldn't miss out on the householder part of his life, but I do understand how he feels....I want to live in the forests, whether or not I sight animals or watch their behaviour, the forest is such a great place to be in....there is a wholesomeness to it that is missing in city life. But...I am still a housewife...the ties that bind me to my home and family are strong....once again, I repeat, wildlife and forests are NOT something that a housewife should fall in love with!
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