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deponti to the world

my 2 cents

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The gender-unspecific pronoun
Dr. Beheruz Sethna

who has acheived so many things that I cannot begin to talk about him (it will take several posts...so just see the Wiki entry by clicking on his name!)

wrote this insightful piece about

the sexist pronoun

I too often use "hem" and "hir", but I wonder...why don't we adopt "their" as also meaning the singular, depending on the context, and use that? Already, we say, "Someone has to send their stuff" and so on...so it is already in fairly common usage.

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Deebah,I clicked on the link to the document. The google blokes first asked me to log in and then said that I had no access to the document!

And in case you didn't know, wikipedia will go down sometime today and will stay down for twenty four hours, in protest of the Protect Intellectual Property and Stop Online Piracy acts proposed by the US Congress. Those laws are so badly written that they'll cause tremendous difficulty to legitimate users and providers.

Gaaah, Ga. Will mail it to you.

Yes...I know about this...and also worry about the Wiki closing down for lack of funds...

Sorry, but the links don't work, D! I know about the Wiki temporary blackout but what about the other one?

I know you know about the wiki blackout but the second link says the account is temporarily disabled or something.

Yes, I told Beheruz about it and we are checking...meanwhile I will send you the original attachment on email.

Yes, I'm able to view 'Satanic Verses' when I click on the link. Oops! Did I say 'Satanic Verses'? I meant 'HEMHIR2'. Yup. Accessible now!

I did a bit of har haring myself when I saw that :)

The Sexist Pronoun Article

Prashanthchengi and others: The link is working now. I just tried it.

Although it says "From Anonymous" that is a result of my not knowing how to add my name to the From field!


Re: The Sexist Pronoun Article

I'm happy that you came to check out the blogpost Beheruz! The link didn't work at first, but I re-posted it and now it does.

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