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St.Louis goes to Seattle...

Recently, D,A, and KTB had visited Seattle (over the New Year weekend.) So here goes the "Lookit my family!" photos....

KMS Seattle 310111

KMS with toy Seattle 310111

KMS with doll Seattle 310111

Here are A and mmk

mmk and am Seattle 310111

On Pongal Day (Jan 15), the family dressed up to go to the temple:

pongal dnk 150112

And Madam KTB was looking deceptively adorable in her pattu pAvAdai:

boodi pavadai 150112 stl

Some time before that, Neelu snapped a screenshot of them on Skype, all of them seem to be Handon Chin-ese!

DAK on Skype

Darling little Boodi Ma, her Thatha will be with her from tomorrow, for a few days...and since the Thatha is away, the Paati is off to Bandipur for the weekend, and then to Chennai for a nephew's wedding. See you in a while, folks!
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