deponti (deponti) wrote,

More difficulties...

.Just when I thought I could start accessing LJ posts again, and comment, my laptop started giving trouble, and would not connect to the net at all. I am still not used to the two-finger typing on the blessed iPad...and in any case, for some reason, I am unable to upload any photos through it. And, of course, the spam comments on LJ continue. I get handbag adverts, I get junk... The meaningful debates and discussions seem to be a thing of the past. The stats say about 130 unique visitors....but where is the conversation? Not happening. I had a lovely trip to Bandipur, where we had the memorable sighting of the very elusive Mouse Deer, and, of course the mother tiger and three of her four cubs. I do have some nice pics to share...but can't share them, just yet! I cam back and am volunteering to show the children of Headstart School around Lalbagh...that was on Tuesday the 7th, and today. I participated in a wildlife quiz conducted by Karnataka Quiz Association, and though Anand and I didn't win, we had a great time and got some nice vouchers! I hope yo get my laptop back soon, and also sort out the issues on the iPad, soon.... Life goes on while Chandan repairs my laptop.... Off to Nannaj, in Maharashtra for the weekend
Tags: bandipur, difficulties, laptop, life, quiz, travel, voluntary work, wildlife

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