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How the day's work gets fouled up....

Am sitting in the luxury of a Volvo bus, on my way to Indira two hours late, and am rather irritated by the way thing come apart here..

I had booked JLR Bannerghatta , for 15 children from the Sindhi School, for Saturday....the children got half-rates on their stay. When I called this morning, I was told that the discount was not applicable on weekends! The resulting snafu took hours to sort out.... And our bookings for Gir in April took far more time than I had thought, as the Club Mahindras toll-free number was no longer working.

In the whole process, my plan of uploading several videos to YouTube, and photos to FB, got completely railroaded, too. Now I am late to meet Poornima, and to my appointment with Mr. Thomas to give our cameras/lenses for cleaning, and then go and visit Unnati....

I hope to be able to accomplish some of my intended tasks for today...but the flight bookings for Gir, and the booking of safaris, has got postponed, and airfares are rising by the day....JLR's mistake might end up costing me a few thousands...
Tags: booking, delay, mistakes, travel

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