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Anvitha's happiness today...

An email from my young friend Anvitha Satish, whom I often exchange emails with...

Just felt like sharing this with u.... :)
I had told you that a teacher helped me in saving the black kite. That teacher not only told about the kite story in the assembly one day but also said it to her friend Meera. Meera is a wildlife conservator and she came to my school today. She is really passionate about saving forests and wild animals. She shared her experiences in the wild and showed many beautiful pictures of tigers, birds, snakes, leopards, gaurs, bears and many more. It was a gud experience to talk with her and get answers for a few questions. She was really happy listening to the black kite story. She even talked about how she got the interest and where she studied.
One of my teacher even told that she will give the contact number of her relative who is a wildlife photographer. I never had got such encouragement from my teachers. I am really happy. I never thought that other than stuffs in computers something else will also be appreciated in my school.
So it was a wonderful day meeting a lady who spends most of her time working for animals in the forest....

Three cheers for people like Anvitha...and her teachers!
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