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Shashti Abdha Poorthi Procession, Thirukkadaiyur, 211211

When a man in our community (Tambrams, or Tamizh Brahmins) attains the age of 60, he and his wife undergo a wedding ceremony again, this time with greater emphasis on the Vedic rituals, and the spirituality.

Our friends Devika and Anand had the "whole 9 yards" ceremony, with pomp and colour, at


Where 60th, 70th, and 80th "abdha poorthi" rites (attainment in years) are often performed, often dozens at a time.

For the photographs from their ceremony

click here

for the Picasa web album

Here's a video of the couple being brought in procession to the spot where the abhishEkam will be performed:

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