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Stuffed Barbet!

Our trip to Bhadra was wonderful, because there was never any rush for time...we sighted, observed, and watched at leisure.

On the drive there, Anand took us to a waterbody where we enjoyed watching the


feeding on the figs in a very huge, majestic Banyan tree.

But one particular Barbet delighted us with its are some photos, I don't have to say it in words!

1  csbrbt bhadra 080312

How many figs can a Barbet eat at once?

last  csbrbt bhadra 080312

2  csbrbt bhadra 080312

3  csbrbt bhadra 080312

Thomas Vattakaven, on FaceBook, offered the more generous explantion that the Barbet probably had a large family of nestlings to feed...but in any case, it was very entertaining to watch it gorge itself and try to swallow it all!
Tags: behaviour, birding, eating, fruit, jlr, karnataka, ntp, photography, tree, wildlife

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