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A love song of my great favourites...

I find that lyrics that speak of the love between a man and a woman are very beautiful indeed, and in my language, Tamizh, it is as true as for any other language.

Here's a song from a very old Tamizh classic movie, "kAthalikka nEram illai" (there is no time for love)...where the lovers cannot be together, and they speak of their emotions and their longing.

(forget how the actors look...just listen to the music!)

The lyrics in Tamizh:


anubhavam puthumai...avanidam kaNdEin

annALil illAtha pollAtha eNNaNgaLEy

AhA...ponnAna kai pattu puNNAna kannangaLEy

La la la la la....


thaLLAdi thaLLadi nadamittu avaL vanthAL

AhA...sollAmal koLLAmal avaLidam nAn sendrEn

athu koodAthenrAL, manam thALathendrAL

ondru nAnE thanthEin, athu pOthAthendrAL...pOthAthendrAL....



kaNNenna kaNNendru aruginil avan vanthAn

AhA...peNNenna peNNendru ennenna kathai sonnEn

ithu pOthAthenrEn ini koodAthendrAn

innum meetham endrEn athu nALai endrAn...nALai endrAn



singAra thEr pOla kulungidum avaL vaNNam

AhA sittrAdai munthANai thazhuvidum en eNNam

avaL engE endrAL nAn ingE nindrEn

avaL angE vanthAL nAngaL engO sendrOm...engO sendrOm...



pani pOL kuLirnthathu kani pOl initthathammA

AhA mazhai pOl vizhunthathu malarAy malarnthammA

oru thookkam illai verum Ekkam illai

pirar pArkkum varai engaL pirivum illai...pirivum illai....


Rough translation:


I found a new experience in him:
Wicked thoughts that didn't exist in earlier days.
My cheeks are rough with the touch of a golden hand...


She came with unsteady, dancing steps
I went to her without telling anyone
She said that it shouldn't heart can't bear it
I gave her one myself...she said it wasn't enough


He came, saying, what eyes these are
I told him stories, saying, what a woman I am
I said, this is not enough; he said, now we shouldn't
I said, the rest of it; that's tomorrow, he said....


Her appearance, like a decorated temple chariot
My thoughts, embracing her saree and pallu
She said, where? I stood here
She came there...we went somewhere....


It was cool like snow, it was sweet like fruit
It fell like rain, and flowered as a blossom
There's no sleep, no unrequited longing
Until others see, there's no separation for us....

This was, I think, at the high point of Tamizh film music, when the greats gave us wonderful music.....
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