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Tere bina bhi kya jeena....what is life without you?

I've heard this song so many times, and liked it a lot, but somehow, it's become so specially beautiful, and I'd like to share touched my heart so deeply.

O sAthI rE, tErE binA bhi kyA jInA...

phUlOn mEn, kaliyOn mEn, sapnOn kI galiyOn mEn
tErE binA kuchh kahIn nA
tErE binA bhi kyaA jInA

O sAthI rE, tErE binA bhi kyA jInA..
tErE binA bhi kyA jInA

har dhadkan mEn pyAs hai terI, sAnsOn mEn tErI khushbU hai
is dhartI sE us ambar tak, mErI nazar mEn tU hI tU hai
pyAr yE tUtE nA ...
pyAr yE tUtE nA, tU mujhsE rUthE nA, sAth ye chhUtE kabhI nA...
tErE binA bhi kyA jInA
O sAthI rE ...

tujh bin jO(gan mErI ratEn, tujh bin mErE din banjAran
merA jIvan jaltI bUndEn, bujhe-bujhe mErE sapnE sArE
tEre binA mErI …
tEre binA mErI, mEre binA tErI, yE zindagI zindagI naA....
tErE binA bhi kyA jInA
O sAthI rE...

The "extra" stanza (that usually gets only sung in the movie and is not on the records) is:

jAnE kaisE anjAnE hI, An basA kOi pyAsE man mEn
apnA sab kuchh khO baitthE hain, pAgal man kE pAgalpan mEn...
dil kE afsAnE...
dil ke afsaane, mein jAnUn tU jAnE, aur ye jAnE koI nA....
tErE binA bhi kyA jInA
O saathI rE...

Rough translation:

Oh my friend, what is life without you?

In the flowers, in the buds, in the paths of dreams,
There is nothing anywhere without you...
What is life without you?

What is life without you?

In every heartbeat is the longing for you, every breath carries your perfume
From this earth to that sky, I can see only you.
May this love never cease
May this love never cease, may you never get angry with me, may our togetherness never lapse;

What is life without you?

Without you, my nights are hermit-like, my days without you are nomadic
My life seems like burning droplets, my dreams extinguished...
With you, my life, and without me, your life...this life is no life..

What is life without you?

O friend....what is life without you?

The "extra" stanza:

Wonder how, without knowing it, someone came to live in a yearning heart
I've lost everything of mine, in the madness of my mad mind
The tales of the heart...
I know them, and you do...but no one else does.
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