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The Grizzled Giant Squirrels of Bheemeshwari Fishing Camp, JLR



is listed as "near-threatened" by IUCN.

We are extremely lucky to have quite a few of these beautiful arboreal animals, about 100km from Bangalore, in the

Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary

and more specifically, at the

Bheemeshwari Fishing Camp of Jungle Lodges and Resorts

Though KM had the squirrel pointed out to him by Bharat and Alim, who run the adventure activities at the resort, while we were having an afternoon nap, I was feeling bad that Poornima, Kannan and the twins, Suhas and Supriya, had never seen them. So I was thrilled when Tanu, who is on the staff at JLR, told me he's also very interested in these animals, and right at dusk, as we prepared to leave, he called us to see them.

The sun was setting and the light was fading rapidly; and we were, of course, looking directly up into the canopy. But I managed a few shots and videos (and I am sure the others have got much better pictures!).

Here's the squirrel, looking down at us while "on the munch":

1 ggs bmswri 240312

Here's the short video I took:

2 gs bmswri 240312

3 gs bmswri 240312

I caught this short bit of the squirrel running and jumping:

4 gs bmswri 240312

5 gs bmswri 240312

Then we were even more delighted...because a baby squirrel came up to be with its mother!

6 gs bmswri 240312

Very happy at having seen this beautiful animal, we left them to their meal in the huge trees of the camp:

7 gs bmswri 240312

We said a "farewell" (literally!) to these two, and made our way home.

8 gs bmswri 240312
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