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Nonsense rhyme....

I learnt this nonsense rhyme as a child, and as part of my cultural heritage, I'm carefully passing on the nonsense to KTB, as well as the sense!

The rhyme goes, in part:

"oNNara dooara dakkara dan
yAval kAval must be done
kaLLan kuLLan twenty one
Aa Oo may bluk
blukka thookki mEla pOttA
chettiyAr veettu naNdu (the crab cooked in the Chettiar's house)
nanda thookki mEla pOttA
nAgarathna pAmbu (the snake with the jewel)
pAmba thookki mEla pOttA
panjavarNa kiLi (five-coloured parrot)
kiLiye thookki mEla pOttA.....

KrishNarOda koNdai! or Kaile oNNum illai!

I've forgotten what comes after this, so I conveniently end with

"kaila oNNum illai!" (There's nothing in the hand!)

I hope my mother hears this, wherever she is, she's the one I heard this nonsense from!
Tags: children, daughter, families, grand, heritage, humour, st louis, tamizh, verse, video, youtube

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