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How to play a memory game

First, the family assembles, having decided on a "staycation" for Memorial Day weekend:

1 memory game 270512

KTB proves pretty good at remembering where similar cards are:

2 memory game 270512

But alas, she's far more interested in the coloured ribbon:

3 memory game 270512

And though she takes her turn,

4 memory game 270512

Is still far too rapt...literally wrapped...with the ribbon.

5 memory game 270512

Her mother sort of sweeps the game:

6 memory game 270512

From L to R, pile 1 is KTB, 2 is me, 3 is KTB's mom, and 4 is KTB's dad! Much squabbling ensues between Mom and Dad about the results.

Before this, of course, the ribbons were used gymnastically:

2 ribbon play 270512

And a very St.Louis-type arch results:

ribbon play 270512

The simple joys of being at home together!
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