deponti (deponti) wrote,

Something to smile about, and another concert in Memphis

Don't have much to say, as life is very difficult right now...but when that happens, the best thing is to smile!

called in dead 090612

If you can't call in dead, be in style:

in style 090612

What happens when the wife asks for a diesel car (diesel is much cheaper in India than petrol) and the husband goes ahead and buys a petrol car, and then the Indian government increases petrol prices by Rs.7.50 paise a litre? The wife orders the licence plates...

I told you 080612

Practising for my concert on Saturday at the temple in Memphis, Tennessee...and after having lost my voice completely last week, I don't seem to have found all of it. I tell my voice to sing something, and my voice says, "Oh, yeah?"

You may remember my concert there from

this post

They liked my singing so much that they asked for a repeat this year...I am thrilled!

We are driving to Memphis tomorrow.
Tags: cars, concert, humour, photography, roads, signboard, st louis

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