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Rohan Chakravarty.....

I got introduced to

Rohan Chakravarty

some time ago, when he moved from Nagpur to Bangalore. He was also with us in this year's Bangalore Bird Race (an involved debate about some waterfowl made their tally about 50 species less than ours, though we were mostly going around together!)

I don't know him very well yet. We've met for a couple of cartoon exhibitions, and I asked him to contribute a cartoon for the

write-up I did for the Bird Race website

In person, he comes across as rather quiet, and I suspect this is because I do not know him very well :))) However, while talking to him, I do keep wondering what he is noticing and observing!

He's been interviewed, and

click here for his interview by Wlld Navigator

He's a great addition to the nature/wildlife/birding community in Bangalore!
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