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Two children and an E- nest....

When Afreen and I went to watch the Men's National Gymnastics Championships (the finalists get to the Olympics trials!), we saw this baby Northern Mockingbird:

baby mkng bd 3  stl  080612

The little one was being carefully watched by its mother, but didn't seem too scared of us:

baby mkng bd 2  stl  080612

I loved the innocent beauty:

mkng bd  stl  080612

Another innocent (er, not always, sometimes she's downright manipulative!) beauty:

ktb  stl  080612

ktb 2  stl  080612

I went with D to the car-accessories shop where he was dropping off used engine oil and other stuff, and looked up at the sign on the shop, and had a pleasant surprise:

zone sprw nest  stl  080612

Have you seen an "e-nest" before, in this electronic age?

e-nest  stl  080612

Let me close with my favourite subject!

3 ktb  stl  080612
Tags: babies, birding, children, families, photography, signboard, st louis

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