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Creatures of the land, air and water...

While in Memphis, we also spent a morning at

Shelby Farms

and this satisfied all of had a playground for KTB, a running track for Rani and A, and a nice woodsy area for me, with a stretch of water as well.

As I went along, I got this


with both its dorsal view:

red admiral dorsal

And its ventral view, which is just as beautiful:

red admiral ventral  sunset memphis 180612

After seeing something that used the air to move, I looked at these

on the water:

blue-winged teal  sunset memphis 180612

And, on the shore, some


females sat comfortably:

mallard femls  sunset memphis 180612

I was arrested by the



3 roman tufted duck  sunset memphis 180612

Can you imagine, being in America, sitting in the named-after-Egypt city of Memphis, and looking at a Roman duck!

4 roman tufted duck  sunset memphis 180612

Quite a regal presence,and with that appearance, I'd personally call it a Brahminy Duck!

cls up roman tufted duck  sunset memphis 180612

I also was able to capture this


meadow vole  sunset memphis 180612

Here it is, eating:

Let me close with some beautiful flowers, can someone tell me its name?

red n ylw flowers  sunset memphis 180612
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