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Fireworks, Fourth of July

Since many of the firework displays around St.Louis were cancelled due to the high temperatures and fear of fire, we figured that the display under the Gateway Arch was likely to be immensely crowded.

Also, given the high level of heat, we were not very keen to go!

So we went to the 19th floor terrace in the apartment building of a friend, Rani Sunder, and settled down there with lots of good food....Couscous uppuma from Rani, Bhel puri and Channa Dal Sundal from Anjana, Milano meringue biscuits bought by Jahnavi. Afreen and Vas also came along.

The fireworks were scheduled to start only at 9.20pm, but before that, on the opposite side, was a great sunset to be watched:

distant sunset 040712 i'day

and the slowly dimming skyline to be seen:

skyline 040712 i'day

How did the sun compare...

sun and light 040712 i'day

with the lights on the terrace walls?

light and sunset 040712 i'day

Pretty well, but I liked the sun by itself...

purple sunset 040712 i'day

and when it sank,

orange half ball

we turned east towards the Arch:


We ate up all the food...


and then the fireworks began in earnest.






The rising, nearly-full moon added to the beauty of the scene:


And the moon watched the fireworks, too!


Do you want to see my close up of the moon?

here it is!

We enjoyed not just the Fair St.Louis fireworks at the Arch, but could watch several fireworks in all directions...and came home feeling very happy.

To see all the pics, including a helicopter delivering an ill patient to the St.Louis Children's Hospital,

click here for the Faceboook album

Hope you enjoyed the fireworks! I've seen firework displays all over the world, but the best I've ever seen was for the Pooram Festival in Kerala. Three solid hours of scintillation!
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