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HHH...Hate Heat and Humidity


mmk posted that humidity reached 100% where he lives....

heat + humidity for me...inability to keep face from shining greasily, clothes sticking to every part of the body, sweat attracting dust as well, stringy, unmanageable hair, feeling of slothfulness, only possible exercise, swimming, also not a great help once I am out of the water, having to confine myself into a controlled, closed environment (yes, sitting in heated homes in the American winter also is hateful to least there, I can put on extra layers of clothing and walk and walk and walk!)...all my groceries spoiling, clothes getting fungus...oh, the list goes on and on and on....

After moving back to Bangalore, I love opening the newspaper and seeing the Chennai temperature and humidity!
Tags: bangalore, chennai, humidity, mmk, weather

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