deponti (deponti) wrote,

Always two, never one

I got this lovely sight of two Thunbergia sp flowers together.


It reminded me about a very delightful song about two being always better than one....

thanimaiyilE inimai kaaNa mudiyumaa...
nalliravinilE sooriyanum theriyumaa... (thanimaiyilE)

thuNai illaadha vaazhvinilE sugam varumaa...
adhai solli solli thirivadhanaal sugam varumaa... (thuNai)
manamirundhaal vazhiyillaamal pOgumaa(2)
verum manthirathaal maangaai vizhundhidumaa.... (thanimaiyilE)

malarirundhaal maNamirukkum thanimai illai
seng kaniyirundhaal suvai irukkum thanimaiyillai (malar)
kadal irundhaal alai irukkum thanimaiyillai (2)
naam kaaNum ulagil yEdhum thanimai illai (thanimaiyilE)

pani malaiyil thavamirukkum maamuniyum
kodi padaiyudanE bavani varum kaavalarum
kavidhaiyilE nilai marakkum paavalanum
indha avaniyellaam pOtrum aaNdavan aanaalum...(thanimaiyilE)

Rough translation:

Can one find sweetness in being alone?
Can one see the sun in the middle of the night?

Is there pleasure in a life without a companion?
Can pleasure be got by going around saying that?
If there is a mind to it, will there not be a way?
Will a mango fall just by chanting a mantra?....Can one find sweetness in being alone?

f there is a flower, there is the scent...there is no solitude
If there is fruit, there is the taste...there is no solitude
If there is a sea, there are the waves, there is no solitude
Whatever we see in this world...nothing is solitary....Can one find sweetness in being alone?

The sage meditating on the snowy mountain
The army marching with its pennants
The poet who forgets himself in poetry
Even the God whom this whole world praises....Can one find sweetness in being alone?
Tags: classical, flowers, music, old, photography, tamizh, youtube

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