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Rhyme schemes...

My lover
Woke me in the middle of the night
With sweet words.
At that hour,
Sleepy, with only the light
Of the moon upon my bed,
I said....
Something that only my lover heard.

The rhyme scheme for this verse is a b c a b d d c. Does this fit any known rhyming convention? I've been looking into various types of rhyming, scansion and prosody, and

here is one interesting link.

birdonthewire....any ideas? are very knowledgeable about this... I find that I feel more "free" if I write the lines and let them rhyme on their own, rather than force a rhyme-scheme into them, and fumble over words and syntax.

All of you who write so well....what are your thoughts?
Tags: english, language, poetry, verse, words, writing

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