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Can and cannot

You can see the sun, when you can bear the ferocity of it splendour:

sun fronds managali 190812 mdhvn pk

And as is sinks into the western sky:

sunset managali 190812 mdhvn pk

But when the moon is in the fourth phase of its waxing, mythology has it that it is inauspicious to look upon it:

moon managali 190812 mdhvn pk

here's why

Apparently, waxing and waningin force and power is acceptable, but waxing and waning in appearance is not!

I did look at, and photograph, the moon on Ganesha Chathurthi day....let's see what happens to me!

Off to the Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary for the day, with 7 others.
Tags: customs, festivals, moon, photography, religion, tradition

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