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How did all my friends
Become so precious to me?
We just started exchanging a few words.
But more than words were heard.
Through the words, like the string in a garland,
Affection expressed itself,
And mutual liking was established.
We sought more opportunities to meet:
We also exchanged more words online.
Soon the bonds formed,
They tightened as time passed.
I do not know which friendships
Will last the length of years
Until the years themselves pass.
Today, with the internet,
There is no reason but apathy
(And lack of time)
To not keep in touch.
My heart has room for many people
But my life, and the daily grind,
Does not. The days are like
A kaleidoscope
Where each day brings different friends,
Or sometimes the same friends,
Into view. Accepting this,
I am able to have so many close friends
Rather than trying to have
An intense relationship
With each one. greatest treasure.
But I cannot count each gold coin every day!
I accept that some coins might tarnish
Or be spent. But the others that remain
Fill the coffers of my heart.
Tags: friends, musing, poetry, thoughts, verse

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