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The Tarantula

Those who are arachnophobic, SKIP!

JLR's Old Magazine House at Ganeshgudi has a bank/tier upon which all the buildings stand. This bank is shored up with mud and stones, with many crevices in them. The crevices are inhabited by all manner of denizens....geckos, scorpions, snakes and worms...and the fearsome-looking


The Tarantulas we saw on our night walk all seemed to be wide awake.

6 trntla ggudi 231012

They were all at the entrance of their holes, which they seemed to have lined with old leaves and debris.

5 trntla ggudi 231012

They were quite sensitive to light, though.They came out only when they judged it safe, otherwise, they would retreat deep into their holes.

4 trntla ggudi 231012

Here is one, sitting fearsomely, awaiting something that will become food!

3 trntla ggudi 231012

Sometime, abandoned Tarantula nests are taken over by other creatures, such as this


2 trntla ggudi 231012

Surely it must have been quite bold to go and try out if the hole was unoccupied or not!

One thing that struck me was the (literally!) silkscreen that the Tarantual weaves over the entrance of the entrap unwary visitors.

So...when the spider asks the fly, "Will you walk into my parlour?" ...that parlour is furnished with silk curtains...and it's also curtains for the visitor!

trntla ggudi 231012

I love watching these creatures, but would certainly like to maintain a respectful distance from them!
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