deponti (deponti) wrote,

Pune.... intriguing sights

Pune has been a great place to wander around....I attended a reception; some circles become ellipses depending on the angle of the camera....

rangoli sharma rcptn 011212

Some circles have become ellipses, literally, out of this world:

moon 011212

"Beyond look", says the ad, and in Pune, almost all young women wear their scarves covering their face, almost as if it was (it isn't) a religious thing....especially those who drive two-wheelers, finding it a slight protection from the sun, the dust, the smoke....

bynd lk pune 021212

A ship of the desert arrives in the it used as a beast of burden? Or does it earn because of its novelty value?

camel pune 021212

And.....a girl child, who ought to be going to school.....

st acrobat  scene 021212

Is her diet balanced? Is her budget balanced? Is she better off than the poor schoolchildren who are made to swot irrelevant stuff at school, and are hustled to all manner of classes afterwards?

st acrobat close 021212

Most children, affluent or not, do not have a choice in our country...

These were some of the thought-provoking sights I got, and these were the thoughts they provoked....
Tags: children, cities, mammals, moon, performance, photography, pune, weddings

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