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What could this dried fruit be?

In a small and welcome change, I am at least able to post and comment on my own here's something I found intriguing...

In Bhutan, Geetanjali suddenly asked Karma, our guide, for "Chhup!" and curious, I asked for one, too. He gave me one of these dried fruits:

chhup nut and seed 131212

(Doesn't this look like a picture of two asteroids in the solar system? No, it's only the lovely flakes on my granite kitchen counter-top.)

"Chhup", he explained (the "u" is pronounced as in "push") was just Bhutanese for "sour"...these fruits were from India! I'd never tasted one; it was nice and tangy-sour with a sweet aftertaste, somewhat similar to amla (Indian gooseberry) but not as tart. It was quite delicious to chew on.

When I'd finished chewing the outer, dried covering, I got this corrugated seed-pod which I tried to break open. It did, revealing a tiny almond-like seed inside...

chuup seed broken 131212

Since it was so tiny, the seed tasted rather...there is no word for it in English, we call it "thuvarpu" in Tamizh. Slightly bitter, is the phrase which would describe it nearly.

Drinking water after chewing this fruit made the water taste sweet (again, like amla).

Can someone tell me what this is likely to be? I have no idea from which part of India it goes to Bhutan.
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