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Phobjikha, Scenery, 271112

We see, in Bhutan, a land full of prayer, in the form of wheels and flags that flutter in the breeze:

Pryr mantap Scenry Phobjikha 261112

Perhaps, if we were surrounded by such beauty in the mountains and clouds, we'd send prayers winging up, too. Here are some views:

1 Scenry Phobjikha 261112

3 Scenry Phobjikha 261112

4 Scenry Phobjikha 261112

5 Scenry Phobjikha 261112

6 Scenry Phobjikha 261112

7Scenry Phobjikha 261112

8 Scenry Phobjikha 261112

9 Scenry Phobjikha 261112

2 Scenry Phobjikha 261112

And, perhaps, benison would come down like the sun's rays through the clouds....

Sunray Scenry Phobjikha 261112
Tags: clouds, nature, photography, scenery, sky, sunrise, travel

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