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Wasps' Nest in Lalbagh, 25 July 06


This wasps' nest, that I wrote about in an earlier post, is situated near the lake in Lalbagh, low in the branches of a Ficus Benjamina tree. Just look at the incredible construction, and the colours of those crescent-shaped markings. It seems to be a very large nest. Karthik, the Chief Naturalist at Jungle Lodges and Resorts, tells me that it is made of paper manufactured by the wasps. I wonder how long it would have taken the wasps to build this?

sainath had also taken pictures of this, but had to leave for Kanpur before he could post them to me. So Sanath Reddy, who will shortly be opening his account at LJ with other pictures, including some fantastic ones of squirrels shot this same morning, took this picture for me. Thank you, sanath!

If you want to see an enlarged version of the picture, click on it and you will go to my Flickr site where you can click on "all sizes" and see the large size picture.

DSC_0067 Wasps' Nest, Lalbagh, 25 July 06

(Photo: Sanath Reddy)

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