deponti (deponti) wrote,

Some images from the Bird Race outing

It was great not to be in any kind of competitive mode, but to take a lot of people (and children) around, to show them as many birds as possible.

It started with sunrise (each day generally does!)

200113 bd race snrise

Here's our group....5 teams...25 people....

200113 bd race gp

It was delightful to watch a flock of


land on the Palash tree to feast on the flowers.

rosy pastors 200113 bd race

The "Zoo Parking Lot


did not disappoint us!

rt lark 200113 bd race



was apparently a lifer for many in the group.

wb drngo 200113 bd race

I liked the morning light on this


at the Kingfisher pond.

crmrnt 200113 bd race

Beautiful raptor alert!

rptor 200113 bd race

Here's team Black Stork, receiving the prizes, that we later gave to a Green Team, because they deserved it more than we did:

prizes 200113 bd race

If you saw my verse and the cartoon in my last post, here are the perpetrators of the crime:

tuni and me 200113 bd race

If you'd like to see more photos of our day,

click here
Tags: bangalore, bannerghatta, birding, friends, karnataka, lake, nature, wildlife

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