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Permanence and Transience...

On the banks of Kunigal Dodda Kere (big lake), I found the age-old temple of Someshwara, and on the gopura, which has stood for centuries, I found this already broken wasps' nest:

wsps nest 120113 kunigal kere

It made me muse on what is permanent,and what is transient...the reality of the matter is that this gopura, the land on which it stands, and the earth on which we are...are all, in their time, as transient as the paper crescents and the honeycomb cells of the wasps' nest...

My life is short, compared to an ocean's or a planet's; long, compared to the termite which flies out at dusk after rain, and dies in a few hours....all creation, I think, is just a drop falling into the infintie sea of the Universe. What, then, IS permanent? I do not now...and as I turn to other matters, my transient thoughts, too, pass away....
Tags: karnataka, lake, musing, photography, temple, thoughts, wasps' nest

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