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Chasing the devil out of the bottle

When a bottle of whisky is finished, we like to chase the devil out of the bottle.

AM makes a start which doesn't yield good results:

chsng dvl stl 250213 photo DSC01286.jpg

So KM tries:

2 chsng dvl stl 250213 photo DSC01289.jpg

He cheats (imagine, cheating the devil!) with a little drop of whisky added, and tries, this time with satisfyingly blue results:

3 chsng dvl stl 250213 photo DSC01291.jpg

So I decide to take a video of it, the last time around:

Er, you actually want to SEE the devil? Seems to be resident in the bathtub:

devil stl 240213 photo DSC01242.jpg
Tags: families, fire, fun, humour, st louis

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