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To Women Too Busy to Know it's Their Day! by Vasu Ramanujam

When a woman too busy to know
Working in a parched field
A wet construction site
Or a sweltering factory floor
Nurses a sick child

When a woman
Feeds a parent
Who has no more memory of her
Or prepares a meal
For her impatient family
Pausing in the midst of her grueling day
To wipe her face with the back of her hand
To draw her sari tighter around herself
And gets back, alas,
To her all too slowly changing lot

When a woman violated
By men who would harm her with impunity
Hides her hurt behind a screen of shame
And prevails with iron resolve
With neither law nor justice
On her side

Will she be even remotely aware
That some of us are watching her,
Full of admiration for her strength
And her steady if slow advance in stature
While entertaining fond hopes
For her rapid betterment
And future well-being
For aren't those the anchors
To which the betterment
And future well-being
Of all of humanity tied to?
Tags: costiima, english, verse, women

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