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The fruit fiend

We are very lucky to have a fruit fiend at home. Cherries, strawberries, kiwis, blueberries....and, especially, bananas...

banana fiend 040313 stl photo DSC01525-1.jpg

It's never difficult to give her a snack that's healthy, nutritious and filling, when she likes fruit so much!

I also find she loves vegetables if they are made interesting (not just boiled with a smidgen of salt, or without...!) She usually does not like carrots, but when I chopped them up small, and cooked them with a tempering of mustard seeds, cumin powder, a pinch of sambar powder and salt...she ate them up quite satisfactorily!

Today's dinner for her is going to be basmati brown rice, mung dal, and probably palak, with some more fruit to follow...whatever she chooses.
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