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Child Stroller Birding: The Red-tailed Hawk with its prey

It really is worth taking along the camera, no matter where and when I go....I got ample proof of this when I decided to take KTB for a walk in Forest Park. I put her in her stroller, and entered the park at the History Museum, as usual, and was walking along the edge of the golf course towards the Grand Basin...when I suddenly saw a


which was standing over its prey:

2 rd tld hawk with prey  fp 070413 photo DSC03772.jpg

That look, directed at me, was to warn me to keep away from what he'd captured

rd tld hawk with prey fp 070413 photo DSC03771.jpg

But there were many walkers along that path (I'd stopped where I was, to take more photographs), so he flew into a nearby tree:

3 rd tld hwk in tree photo DSC03785.jpg

I took the opportunity to take a few close-up shots of the beautiful raptor:

5 r t hawk eyeball  fp 070413 photo DSC03794.jpg

He certainly was giving everyone annoyed looks as they prevented him from tucking into his meal:

4 the look  fp 070413 photo DSC03793.jpg

I also photographed the prey, which was a baby


6 dd rabbit hawk  fp 070413 photo DSC03799.jpg

Poor little rabbit, having two rabbit's feet wasn't lucky for him!

So..even when taking a toddler in a stroller, one can have an exciting birding session :))))

For more photos,

click for my FB album
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