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Interesting event...

I'd been to a fund-raising event yesterday, by the St.Louis Academy of Sciences:

even start stl zoo 23041 photo DSC05228.jpg

During refreshments before the event, I captured this angel:

angel stl zoo 230413 photo DSC05226.jpg

click here

for more information about the Children's Eternal Rainforest.

The fact that second-graders from children could feel this compassion and act upon it, and make enough of an impact that children from 43 other nations also joined in the effort, is quite staggering to me.

Peter Raven

who was named by Time Magazine as a Hero for the Planet, spoke:

peter raven stl zoo 23041 photo DSC05230.jpg

The keynote address was by

Thomas Lovejoy :

peter raven stl zoo 23041 photo DSC05230.jpg

Here are several slides from his talk about the Children's Eternal Rainforest:

3 thomas lovejoy 1 stl zoo 23041 photo DSC05236.jpg

4 thomas lovejoy 1 stl zoo 23041 photo DSC05237.jpg

I have long wanted to meet Dr. Lovejoy, a scientist who has done pre-eminent work in the rainforests of the Amazon.

Another eminent speaker, who orchestrated the fund-raising by pledge envelopes, and spoke with passion about his farm in the Eternal Rainforest, was

Tom Newmark

Tom Newark thomas lovejoy 1 stl zoo 23041 photo DSC05240.jpg

For more photos of the evening, see my FB album,

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